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Thompson Fabricating LLC

GR200 Portable Guardrail System

GR200 Portable Guardrail System

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Thompson Fabricating provides custom-packaged guardrail systems manufactured by French Creek Production, Inc. to assure that the perimeter of your workspace is secured. Setting up a portable guardrail system is a fundamental of fall prevention when working on open floors and roof tops. This portable guardrail system provides a safe perimeter and can be erected on a parapet or the edge of a concrete slab.

  • Zinc-plated alloy steel
  • Fits 4”-24” Parapets and C-slabs
  • Dual-use versatility for slab edge and parapet installations
  • Secures with adjustable clamp lever
  • Plated alloy steel provides corrosion and damage resistance
  • Lightweight, one-person setup and installation
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